Botswana Approve Same Sex Marriage


Botswana approve same sex marriage which make them to turn out to be one of the African nations to nullify its laws against homosexuality, people in this class are so happy about the development.

Same sex marriage was a crime

Before this time, same sex marriage was not overlooked or taken likely by the Botswana’s Government under section 164 of the Botswana,s law.

According to the law, it was stated that same sex marriage were against human normal way of life, it is further stressed that the punishment attached to same sex marriage is liable to two to seven years in jail.

Botswana join others in same sex marriage

Botswana has joined some of other African Nations that have decriminalized same sex marriage, such as South Africa, Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, and São Tomé.

This Judgement that brought about same sex marriage came about from consistent actions lead by LGBTQ and some group of people in the southern African Nation.

Michael lebutu made the decision known on Tuesday, he further said the is no discrimination again in Botswana against same sex marriage. He applauded the  decision, commended liberality, variety and grasps development.

He added that proceeding to condemn sexuality and sex character keeps social orders away from arriving at their maximum capacity, saying: “Cultural incorporation is vital to consummation neediness and cultivating shared flourishing.”

What Brought About Same Sex marriage in cou

The decision by Justice Leburu comes after Letsweletse Motshidiemang, a 21-year-old who is a student at the University of Botswana, took the case to a court of law in March.

“I am in a same sex relationship with a man. I have almost certainly that this will be the situation for an amazing remainder. My companions, flat mates at the University of Botswana have asked me out, even at the University of Botswana I feel free and loved,” he said.

“By uprightness of at least one of these arrangements of the law, I am precluded from communicating the best feeling of affection through the demonstration of getting a charge out of sex with another consenting grown-up male that I am explicitly in same sex relationship with and who is additionally explicitly in relationship with, as consenting grown-ups,” he said.

Anna Mmolai-Chalmers, facilitator of the LGBTQ rights bunch Legabibo stated, “This judgment can roll out a gigantic improvement for our lives. This is the thing that energizes me the most. The judgment implies to such an extent. The court has maintained our respect, our security, and our freedom …

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