I Almost Committed Suicide,When The Girl I Was Dating For Four Years Dumped Me- Emmanuel Okonkwo


A Nigerian artist whose role is majorly comedy, Emmanuel Okonkwo which is also recognized as Emma Chinedu, the act has not been able to lucky with issues pertaining to relationship and love. The igbo speaking act who is from Uli in Anambra state have revaled to simplybestrend that he had suicidal thoughts when he was unlucky with the relationship he had put in more efforts but failed. When Emma Chinedu was talking about his relationship life, he said, I have a one month old beautiful bouncing baby boy but am yet to marry, and making preparations to get married to his mother. I had to hid myself in the room for about two week, cry for till my eyes were swollen, when my previous relationship didn’t work out and I nearly committed suicide. My girlfriend had to quit the relationship for a ready baked man. He lamented, he had been in relationship with this woman for about four years and he never looked at her way for sex

Emmanuel okonkwo which is widely known for his role as a gateman, which he is very good at it and he is proud of, he also made known that he have acted as a gateman in couple of times and he isn’t ashamed of the role he his popularly known for. He also added, that he had done more than twenty (20) movies where he played the role of gateman and it all went well.

When telling us how he got to join the Nigerian movie industry, Nollywood, Emma said he was encouraged and motivated by his spiritual father. He added, I worship at Christ Embassy where I started acting. After sometimes, I became the coordinator of the drama group in my church. I could remember vividly, my pastor was while preaching paused and said Emmanuel okonkwo, why don’t u make a career out of your talent and commercialize it and then continued his sermon. Those words became a ringtone in my head, then I start to attend auditions.

The Nigerian actor also said the first movie nearly put me into some trouble. I actually got starred in my first movie after a month of me attending auditions in a movie titled Destruction Instinct. The movie was interesting and was on set with people like Uche Iwuji, Vicent Opurum and Afrocandy where I played the role of a corrupt policeman. This my first movie almost created an uproar, when Afrocandy took the master tape, traveled abroad to US to be specific and edited it and added some adult materials to the movie. This singular act had made many people to be talking and it got to my pastor, he later asked why I would do such a thing but I tried and explain what really happened then.

Emmanuel Okonkwo have starred in so many Nigeria movies which includes Tinta, My kids and I, Rufus and Rosana, Corrupting the Young Mind, Heart of Gold, Fighting Temptation, Nwoke Oma, Neglect, among others, he also added that he’s got a lot of work when unveiled, it will be a whaoooooo

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