I Will Continue To Encourage Military Training- Buhari


The President and General  Commanding of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari said on Saturday that the Government of the republic of Nigeria wont relent on the training and re-training of the officer and men of the armed forces to be able to face and to take over the security challenges that the country is going through.

President Muhammadu Buhari  made this known to the public during the passing out of the 207 Students of the Senior Course 41 of the Nigeria Army  Armed Force Command Staff College (AFCSC) in Jaji, Kaduna State.

The President added that it is not solemnly because we salute and appreciate their effort and sacrifices to improve and tackle the security challenges facing the country but also because the Nigerian Armed forces have always been one way to promote oneness in the country.

He said, we can’t thank the Nigerian Armed Forces enough, they have been gallant in the task of providing quick and apt response to the various security challenges facing our great country.


Looking at the way our Armed forces have faced the Boko Haram insurgency, banditry, militancy, kidnapping, and various activities of different armed groups and others vices have been so commendable.

The President of the federal republic of Nigeria also gave more accolades to the Armed forces on their commitment to stabilize and in peace keeping toward the West African sub-region and world peace in general.

In the course of their studies, the graduants have gone through different courses ranging from leadership, public security, command and staff functions to enable them to be well equipped and be able to face the numerous challenges awaiting them.

With such High knowledge gained from your training, the country will be expecting the best from you in term delivering the professionalism in duties, loyalty and service to Federal Republic of Nigeria, your fatherland.

He also urged the armed forces to be honest in discharging their legal rights and responsibilities and also be  a good ambassador of the college and that of the country at large.

The graduating list this year comprises of 207 students, which includes 87 students from the Nigerian Army, 58 from Nigerian Navy, 40 from Nigerian Air force, nine from defense ministries, department and Agencies and 13 students from International allied countries were graduated from the college.

The President also emphasize how the college has now been recognized globally.

The college have been able to stand out because of  the high level of commitment, discipline, work ethics and academics standards over the few years.

 The President also stated the he was very happy that he could witness that the graduation ceremony of the college where there were 13 international officers from 11 different African countries and the Republic of South Korea, that just finished their studies.

Over the years, there have been a tremendous improvement in the numbers of international student who have enrolled in the college, I believe strongly that in the next few years, the number would increase significantly since the excellence, standard of the college is improving around the globe.

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