Supreme Court Strikes Out Case Challenging Gov Wike’s Victory-Gov Wike Won In Apex Court


The highest court in the land have struck out a case on Monday challenging the victory of the gubernatorial  candidate of Pdp in the last 2019 general election in River state of Nigeria, Governor Nyesom wike. In the supreme court headed by five jurist, have make their stand or upheld two cases of appeal won by nyesom wike, which the court of appeal gave a leave grant to Elvis Chinda.

If you could recall that Elvis Chinda had earlier dragged Nyeson wike to the Federal high court sitting in Port Harcourt laying complaint about the originality and relevancy of the birth certificate he submitted to the Independent National Election Commission (INEC) and other certificate and asked the Federal High Court to disallow him to be able to contest in the 2019 general elections The case brought before the Federal High Court by Elvis Chinda early this year was dismissed, and he was not satisfied with then Judgment and then proceeds to the Court of Appeal in Abuja.

when at the Federal High Court in Portharcourt, Mr Chinda confirmed that is notice of appeal was wrongly attended to by the Court, and then he applied for an amend. In response to this, the counsel to Governor Wike objected the amends which chinda prayed for, He backed his objection by telling the court that the time frame meant to appeal a judgment of Federal High court  had elapse before he appealed.

The Court of Appeal in Abuja stuck out Governor Wike nyesom’s objection and gave Chinda the opportunity to appeal, wike was not satisfied with this decision then proceeds to appeal the Judgment at the Supreme Court with caption: SC/606/2019 and SC/607/2019.

The Supreme Court Judgement, written by Justice Olukayode Ariwoola and read by Justice Paul Galumje, the Court dropped the Judgment delivered by the Appeal Court which gave Chinda the leave grant. The Apex Court in Nigeria stood its ground and struck the case, that the appellant was granted an amendment when the time allowed for it had lapsed, and this is against the 14(4) of the First Schedule to the Electoral Act.

The Supreme court thereby uphold the two appeals filed by Governor wike of River state while the Court nullify the notice of appeal filed by the appellant, Mr Chinda which is also defective.  

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